Why my website receives more visitors from India than the USA

Today we would be discussing a very common problem or a common question that could haunt every web master – be it in India or any other country. Always we would be monitoring the traffic from our website and would find a trend that there are more visitors from our nation than that of USA.

There are many factors that could be the reason for this and they are :

  • The majority of the valid backlinks might be from India
  • More users in indian visitors to your site are using alexa toolbar comparitively in case you are watching alexa traffic.
  • Your website might be hosted in India
  • Your domain could be with indian TLD
  • The search ranking for google.co.in for your website is way higher than google.com
  • You might have used indian directories more for SEO link submission.

Now how to get over this situation

  • Firstly do your SEO works globally and not locally : submit to Global and US directories
  • Host your website outside your country
  • use a global .com or .net TLD

Now, you could get the question, Why you  need traffic from US or Canada ? – The answer is simple, more exposure + more money : as the traffic from USA or canada is paid more on most ad networks like adsense .

Hope this short article helped you, give me your inputs, feedbacks and even points that i am not aware of…


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