Why you should *BUY* services for your Website / Blog?

Why you should *BUY* services for your Website / Blog?

In one of my previous articles, I did explain something that I call The Fountain Rule of Blogging and if you read through the article, you will understand that I emphasise on the importance of reinvesting your earnings back on to your blog. For any business model, for consistant growth, you will have to reinvest back into the business in form of time and technology.

If you are at the early stages of your web business and is still learning, I wouldnt personally recommend making an investment early because you might not be already convinced in the potential of web based properties. Gradually as you and your business grow, its important that you ensure to reinvest back into your web business periodically to help equip your business to grow in different directions.

Domain, Web Hosting and related services

Your website domain name, web hosting service and support provided are important aspects of your web based business. Its very vital to note that availablity and integrity of your content is atmost important in a web business and that requires a good host. I started of hosting with a shared hosting service from HostGator and it was pretty good until I realized my blog wanted something better. Gradually as mywebsite grew, I realized the importance of having a good performing server to host my website at a reasonable price. Thats when I purchased a VPS Hosting from Inmotion Hosting for 29 USD a month. Till date, they have not let me down and continue to be the BEST hosting service from my experience interms of uptime and support.

Themes, Skins and Frameworks

Glad, most of the top blogs are on WordPress and the CMS continues to be on the top of the preferred CMS list along with many other open source options like Drupal, Joomla etc. However, the very neatly coded WP does not alone win the battle, you need to equip it with a good frame work and an elegant design to ensure your website leave an impression.

I have always been happy with the way WordPress CMS continued to effortlessly get indexed on the Search Engines. On top of the wonderful WP CMS, I added Thesis framework and that really did magic in improving the website traffic and the look and feel was tweaked the way I wanted with the awesome Thesis 2.0 skin from KolaKube.

There are other great theme developers that you might want to look like ThemeForest, StudioPress, WooThemes, ElegantThemes, Templatic etc. All are great options, but my personal choice after loads of research is Thesis and Genesis frame work skinned or themed further with other available options.

Keep Exploring: Its vital that you keep exploring and trying out different paid and free otions that could improve and equip you with more information to have an edge on your competing websites. Let us know your thoughts on the The Fountain Rule of Blogging