Why Your Blog is better than Million other Blogs!

Why Your Blog is better than Million other Blogs

We all know there are thousands of blogs being added daily to the internet and even more of them expiring. It’s critical to know the “real shortcut” to bypass almost 95% of the blogs competing with you without much effort. All you need to have is the right knowhow.

Today I want to share a live project with you that will help you learn and believe what it takes to learn and use this shortcut to outdo majority of your niche competition.

A real incident that occurred today to me..

On April 11th 2012 (today), an unfortunate disaster struck Indonesia – An earthquake of 8.9 magnitudes and as I am always online I could get hold of the news as soon as media published it online. Now I wanted to make sure that I can share the updated information with all the details my nation would like to know through a more organized blog posts with appropriate information.

I decided to write a blog post for my multi-niche blog (HippeMonk) regarding the incident with more information than other news websites that I found. I also ensured to add more information related to the previous tsunami incident.

The result in minutes of publishing the article was AMAZING!

The below screenshots will show you how successful the article alone was in bringing in organic traffic to the website/ blog. The screenshots show the Google Analytics data of real time visitors, The topics that were accessed and the search queries that bought the traffic.

Why Your Blog is better than Million other Blogs

List of the latest post HitsLatest Search Terms

Why Your Blog is better than Million other Blogs

Maximum users online


 How was such huge traffic achieved in few minutes?

  • Right knowhow on how to write an SEO Optimized article (OnPage SEO)
  • Appropriate timing – It gives you an upper hand on publishing first among blogs
  • Having an active and frequently updated blog

Let me know your opinion on the same and also let us know if you have similar experiences publishing breaking news and receiving high spikes of traffic and in turn Adsense earning.



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