WordPress admin login – blank white screen

Hello People,

What ?

This is a very commonly observed situation that The wordpress admin login screen goes blank and does not login or sometimes does not even give the login screeen.


This Usually happens when there are multiple reasons or questions to ask your self..

  • Did you upgrade?
  • Did you Install any new plug in ( most imp)
  • Did you make any changes to function files?
  • is the .htaccess file still there
  • is the config.php file fine?

How? to resolve

1. add this to the top of your .htaccess file:
DirectoryIndex index.php

See if that works, if not try below step

Open functions.php file and check if there is any blank line at the bottm, if yes delete the blank line

else see below

check the config.php file and check if its fine with all the connectivity info

else see below

check and change chmod permissions of blog folder and files to 755

else , try this and it will work

recollect and rename the plugins folder you installed lately one by one and try again each time

i hope it helped,

Cheers, Joshu Thomas

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