WordPress Answers Google with WordAds

WordAds, The Answer from WordPress to Google Adsense 

WordAds, The Answer from WordPress to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the best contextual Ad network in the world till date and there are millions of WordPress self hosted blogs running Google Adsense and earning a good income from the content on their blogs. On the flip side, for the Bloggers who have their blogs on WordPress.com did not have any good option to directly monetize the content on their WordPress blog and they should be happy with the launch of WordAds.

WP team says, over the last years the most common request from WordPress.com users were to allow bloggers to earn money from their blogs through direct ads and seems like WP team has heard them! With more than 50,000 new wordpress blogs springing up each and every day, it was a fair enough idea for WP themselves to come up with an independent advertisment network that they call, WordAds.

To jumpstart, WordPress have a partnership with Federated Media  and are ready to start rolling out WordAds on WordPress.com. You could check out the official WordAds announcement page on WP website. They are currently taking in applications from Bloggers to start testing the WordAds platform that is expected in the mid of the year 2012.


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