Write a product review to make money online

How to write a product review to make money online

How to write a product review to make money online

How are you all doing today? Ive made more money review products today, so I thought I will share how even you could make money simply by reviewing the best products through your blog.

Ethical reviewing is important

Before I start off, let me explain more about the ethics involved in product review that we are about to learn more about. Its very imperative that we understand the fact that the your success as a blogger reviewing products is directly proportional to the quality of the products that your recommend.

Always test and review the product that you ever recommend. Only recommend products that are really good and you feel is the best. If a user or member purchases a product recommended by you and finds it really good – he will always trust you and you will continue to get rewarded and improve your credibility.

On the flip side, if you recommend products without testing and only eyeing the affiliate income you are going to receive – you are on the wrong way and ultimately will fail.

Give facts to support your opinion

In you review if you ever say that this is the best product in a particular niche, make sure you provide a solid reason why you say so. Give detailed test results, facts and features that back your opinion, your users will appreciate it for sure.

Always have a free alternative ready

Even though you are reviewing few products in the niche and you want to earn money, is critical that you consider your entire user base. Not everyone would have the money to purchase plugins, software and scripts.

Be sure that you list down equivalent or at least and alternative that your users could go for without spending money, in case they are not ready to spend money. This will make sure that the review or the article has been useful for all.

Cloak affiliate links professionally

When your recommend products to earn affiliate commission, there are few steps through which the entire process is streamlined as a best practice:

  • Identify your niche where you are blogging and recommending products
  • Identify products that are the best and review them
  • Explain the functionality and use of the product and compare them
  • List down the product with affiliate links (cloaked or masked)
  • List alternative options for the premium product
  • Conclude the review with useful details and enough information

I use Affiliate Ninja WordPress plugin for cloaking the affiliate links, this automates the process by automatically identifying the affiliate keywords and cloaking it with the affiliate link. Also lets you monitor the performance of the affiliate links at the WordPress admin side.

In case you want to manually cloak the affiliate links within your posts, this tutorial will help you.

Optimize your review post publishing

Make sure you optimize your review on social networks, dofollow blogs, directories and forums to make sure people are getting to know more about the review and they make an attempt to purchase.

I use market samurai to do keyword research so that it will help me to identified less competitive keywords that are highly searched on the web. This gives me more chance to succeed as a review blogger to earn more.

Hope you have learned more on How to write a product review to make money online.



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