Write an eBook in 15 minutes

Write an eBook in 15 minutes

Ever considered writing and publishing your own eBook on the web? If you have not, do consider it as it’s a wonderful idea! There are several advantages to publishing your own ebook and distributing for free!

I recommend publishing and distributing your eBook for free. People love almost everything that comes free and good quality free stuff is spread over the Internet at lightning speed. It’s up to you to bundle product promotion, recommendations etc carefully along with the great information you share through your eBook.

The best method to write and publish and eBook in 15 mins:

Success of an eBook depends primarily on the quality and value of the content it offers to the readers, hence crafting great content is important. The fastest method to ready an eBook is by preparing it as a bundle of your targeted blog posts. Firstly, identify 10 – 15 good posts already published on your blog and compile them together into an eBook like document with necessary images and links.

Quickly design a cover, an intro about the author and a take home page for summarizing your eBook essence. Your eBook is ready without even brainstorming for content and ideas. This method is applicable to any blogger who has a live blog and content.

Advantages of publishing a free eBook:

1. Publicizing your blog and brand for free.
2. Recommend affiliate products in your book and earn commissions.
3. Increase your subscribers by offering free download of eBook for subscription of your newsletter service.
4. Increase your credibility and authority in the niche.

Take home: when you have the content and knowledge ready, what are you waiting for? Go publish!

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