Your Competitor is your Biggest asset in smart SEO

All these years we have been struggling hard to do SEO on our website to bring it to the TOP and to an extend it has worked very well for us.

As the title of the article says, Why not reverse engineer the Stratergy and make use of your sucessful Competitor to build your SEO Stratergy. 

  • Firstly Analyse and define the Key words you want to Optimize for Search engine for your website.
  • Find out the leading player or website that appear in search
  • Study and analyse backlinks  to the competior’s website by using backlinks checkers as mentioned here
  • Build your links in a more efficient and better ways, use the directories used by them for link building, understand and learn carefully the keywords that they have used and the anchor texts.
  • Make sure your site has your on-page optimization in place
  • Make sure your site has better and more QUALITY content that any of your competitors
  • Most of all be consistant, sincere and Patient, You would see results !

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